Victoria Cook-Blendon Middle

Stephanie Sahr-Fouse Elementary

Stephanie Fitzpatrick-Wilder Elementary

Sherri Pastiva-Walnut Springs Middle

Rachel Schultz-McVay Elementary

Natalie Gardner-Mark Twain Elementary

Michelle Andears-Hanby Elementary

Melissa Milan-Blendan Middle

Liz Dapoz-McVay Elementary

Nikki Kilbane-Hawthorne Elementary

Kristen Wright-Alcott Elementary

Kelley Fergusen-Walnut Springs Middle

Kelly Ocheltree-Pointview Elementary

Katie Ensell-Hawthorne Elementary

Karol Hanley-Fouse Elementary

Kari Tucker-Robert Frost Elementary

Joshua Ice-Blendon Middle

joe Clegg-North High

Jim Ledford-Alcott Elementary

jennifer Walpole-North High

jeffrey Murdock-Blendon Middle

Jeffrey Militko-Emerson Elementary

Jeffrey Murdock-Blendon Middle

Eric Hoogeveen-Heritage Middle

Emily Considine-Fouse Elementary

Denise Leach-Cherrington Elementary

Dave Haney-South High

Danielle Whitehead-Annehurst Element.

Chris Kuhn-Heritage Middle

Candace Hall-South Hall

Brian Shanks-Huber Ridge Elementary

Bill Heinmiller-South Hall

Betsey Byers-Spurlock-Fouse Element.

Bethany Barlow-North HIgh

Ashley Wagner-McVay Elementary

Angela Faust-Whittier Elementary

Amy Anglin-Academic Enrichment Ctr

Amy Dechant-Annehurst Elementary

Kelly Balaz-Hanby

Jennifer Steinher-Emerson

Lauren Sefton-South

Natalie Martin-Mark Twain

Ty Angle-Wilder Elementary

Teresa Momemi-Alcott Elementary

Scotti Smith-McVay Elementary

Rebecca Rollo-Central High

Nell Liston-Blendon Middle

MIchelle VanVoorhis-Whittier

Mara Clark & Kathryn Reisterer-Emerson

Liz Schar-Central High

Lauren Williams-Early Learning Ctr

Kimi Dodds-Whittier Elementary

Kim Glaser-Mark Twain Elementary

Kelly Moff-Annehurst Elementary

Keith Alasti-Central High

The Mantinieks-Emerson Elementary

Keri Tucker-Robert Frost Elementary

Karen Lee-Special Education

Julie Chance-North High

Jocelyn Wagner & SAndy Bundesen-McVay Elementary

jessica Stranges-Annehurst Elementary

jen Baker-South High

Evan McIntyre-Whittier Elementary

Jeffrey McMillan-Blendon Middle

Eric Nickel-Central High

Diane Plumb-Hanby Elementary

Derek Geist-Blendon Middle

Derek Geist-Blendon Middle

Danielle Yeager-Longfellow Elementary

Caitlin Maloy-North High

Cathy Finnegan-Genoa Middle

Brooke Smith

Bill Goldner-Pointview Elementary

Betsy Denney-Fouse Elementary

Beth Eddy-South High

Ben Hartnell-North High

Ashley Frownfelter-Genoa Middle

Amy Ferris-Central High

Amy Brill-North High

Lisa Huelskamp-Blendon

Angela Faust-Whittier

Susannah Lee-Central

Cat Stathulis-North

Olivia Bechtel-McVay

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